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The information and PICS posted in our Site www.relaxofun.com is to enrich your knowledge of happenings around you and provide you moments of relax, fun, joy through Collection of PICS on different Categories, We have provided the information and PICS in the site as Service, the information and PICs provided in the site are updated regularly, No guarantee is given that the content given in website is genuine, correct, up to date and Complete, The information and PICS provided in site are for general purpose only, it does not constitute any legal proceedings, We are NOT responsible for the loss incurred by the reliability on the resources, information contained in the site, the information and PICS provided in site are for reference only 

Collection and Posting of Information 

Few links within this website may lead to other websites, including those operated and maintained by third parties.Please you be aware that once you click to one of the links and visit those sites, you are subject to that site’s privacy policy and not to ours, The PICS are uniquely designed by our team and Posted, We don’t give any reliability of the information in the PICS as they are for reference

Use of Resources

The information and PICS may be downloaded or printed for personal use only. Where this information or PICS is being issued to others, the source including the URL and copyright status must be acknowledged, The user is entitled to check and confirm with our changing policies time to time, While you use the materials  from external links given in site you need to strictly comply with their privacy policy, not ours  

CHANGES & Modifications 

www.relaxofun.com holds the sole right to modify, remove, publish the information and PICS, the users are not given any prior information before its been done  

Copyright and Trademarks 

We have taken utmost care that the copyright material is not been published on this site, if you found any of your content been posted by mistake is in violation then you can post a mail through our contact page with the your queries, we ensure that our team will take it as utmost priority to remove the violated content, You are not entitled to Use our content, Logo in any means of social media or publish it, if found in violations it may be defended and shall be pursued according to the terms of Law (Reproduction, distribution, republication, and/or re-transmission of material contained within this website are prohibited )


www.relaxofun.com do not warrant or represent that any files obtained from or through this Site or a Linked Site are free from computer viruses or other defects. We accept no liability for the presence of computer viruses or other defects  


www.relaxofun.com is not responsible under any circumstances for any of the unrelated Information or PICS which is offensive, unreliable, sensitive, offending through third party. If you have any queries , You can rise them through our Contact Page.

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