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We have taken utmost care and concern to respect and protect users in every possible way and we ensure to provide resourceful, helpful information and PICS to every user. We value the privacy of individuals who visit our website. We are very conscious about mail spam and we try to protect every email as much as possible, You have option to choose whether to access pages that require registration or not

Collection and Posting of Information 

To enrich your knowledge on varied topics, Our site contains links to other Internet web sites, and we are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of any linked sites, once you visit you need to strictly abide by policy of that site, not ours

CHANGES & Modifications hold the right to change (ANY) the rules in our Privacy Policy without bringing to the prior notice of its users, By accepting our Privacy Policy you accept to the changes to the Privacy Policy time to time in accordance with need of situation and also fast changing world


A cookie stores useful information that lets us remember you when you return to site. Cookies can and will read the information from servers.Cookies does no longer tune your records for advertising purposes, and we never Contact you without your consent. If you pick to disable cookies for your browser, you can still access most of our Website,  Cookie is to discover customers and possibly put together customized Web pages you have got visited 

Our Advertisement Policy hold the right to use any third party advertisement company, our utmost priority is to provide useful and Resourceful ads to the users of our website , We take care that the users get to view good ads rather than those ads that not under morale of society in general,  We are NOT responsible to any of the ads which are not accepted by the users, those are being put by third party advertisement Company, If you have any queries , You can rise them through our Contact Page.

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